Q: First and foremost, what does it cost to use your travel agency?
A: You pay just the cost of your vacation when you book with me! I can help you with hotel and tickets and the cost of your vacation will always be the same as the vendor site.  If there are deals, we can apply those too! There is an additional charge for itinerary planning as that is separate from your vacation package but there are several options to meet your families needs.

Q: Why should I use a travel agent? Can’t I just do all this myself?
A: You absolutely could do it all yourself, but it would take time and energy that could have been better spent elsewhere. Vacation planning is hard enough as it is considering you have to balance each member of your family’s “must-do” list, your vacation days, and your pocketbook. On top of that, Disney is constantly evolving and it’s getting harder and harder to accomplish everything you want to in a limited amount of time.  I stay on top of changes in pricing, Disney policies, trends, and refurbishment schedules, I know what’s feasible and what isn’t, and I’ve seen and done it all.  Plus I happen to be an expert at helping families sort through the information overload to build a perfect trip that fits their needs and budget. Let me put my expertise to good use!

Q: What services do you provide?
A:  Adventures With Allison Wonderland is a full-service travel agency. This means I can help you select and book your hotel, your fastpasses, dining reservations, and more!  My services will be tailored to however you like to plan your vacations: If you like having every hour planned so that you can wake up and follow an itinerary, we can do that. If instead you like having options for how to spend your days and only want to schedule your “must-do” rides/attractions and a few meal reservations, we can accommodate that as well.  I will be as involved as you want me to be.  No matter what, I will make sure that you don’t miss your booking windows when it comes to the really popular attractions and restaurants (for instance, fastpasses and dining reservations open a certain number of days before your hotel check-in date at 7am EST/4am PST and get filled up within a few hours – more on this below).

Q: How soon in advance do I need to book a trip?
A: I recommend booking at least seven (7) months in advance as it gives us plenty of time to talk about which restaurants you’ll want to try (booking window opens 180 days before hotel check-in)* and fastpasses (60 day booking window)*. This gives us plenty of time to customize your trip, but anytime is a good time to book a Disney vacation!  Note that the booking windows are most important to those vacationers who have the newest or most popular rides/restaurants (e.g., Flight of Passage, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Be Our Guest Restaurant) at the top of their “must-do” lists.

Q: What are the best times to go?
A: This all depends on what works for your family. Different things are offered at different times throughout the year, so aside from a few exceptionally busy days, there aren’t any bad times to go. EPCOT has several festivals to experience, MK does different night time parties based on the time of year, and Disney is always updating and reimagining their rides, shows, parades, and fireworks.

Q: What is a fastpass? (currently unavailable)
A: A fastpass is a placeholder of sorts that secures your place in line for a ride or attraction, essentially shortening your wait time. For most rides there will be a “standby” line and a “fastpass” line; the most popular attractions have wait times that can near 3 hours for standby but a fastpass will cut your time to closer to 20-30 minutes. The catch is that you can only book so many at a time, and the window to book your rides opens far in advance of your trip. At Disney World, you’re limited to one outstanding fastpass at a time which works out to a total of between 2-3 fastpasses per day if you plan well. These are handled by the Disney app and included with the cost of your ticket.

Q: What is a Park Hopper?
A: A Park Hopper is a ticket that allows you to hop from park to park on a single day. Whereas a single park ticket would allow you to enter into only one park per day (i.e., only Magic Kingdom or only Epcot), a Park Hopper allows you to go back and forth between any of the Walt Disney World parks as many times as you want in a day (i.e., you can have breakfast at the Magic Kingdom, lunch at Studios, and dinner at Epcot. Accordingly, the price is more expensive.

Q: What is the Memory Maker?
A: The Memory Maker is an add-on to your vacation package that gives you immediate digital access to all of the photos taken during your trip. Professional photographers are stationed around the parks at photo spots, such as with characters, at restaurants, etc., and with a quick scan of your magic band, they can sync your pictures to your account,  rather than you trying to make sure you get all these photos taken with your own camera as well. The Memory Maker sends all the digital copies of those photos to your Disney app for you to download. From dining, to rides, to those classic castle pictures, this is definitely a recommended add-on!

Q: What are the dining plans? (currently unavailable)
A: The dining plans are prepaid meal plans which vary in price based on how many meals you want to eat out (and where) per day.  There is a quick service plan, Disney dining plan, and deluxe plan. To learn more about these plans, go here:
Quick Service Dining Plan
Disney Dining Plan
Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

Q: How will you be able to plan me the perfect trip?
A: You tell me about the makeup of your family – ages, what the children are into, what’s important to the parents, the budget, and how you like to vacation – and I can help customize your trip by making sure you get to do the things that will bring you the most joy. For some families or couples this means lots of time by the pool, spa services at a deluxe resort and meals without any characters walking around; for other families this means character meet & greets, singalong live shows, and kiddie rides; some vacationers want to fly in for a RunDisney race weekend or for Food & Wine Festival; others won’t be satisfied unless they conquer every thrill ride in each of the parks. No matter what, I will make sure your trip is as magical as possible!

Q: Do you offer travel protection?
A: Yes. It is $82.50 per adult; $6 for kids of any age (under 18). (for Walt Disney World) Other pricing may vary based on destination.

*There are currently no fastpasses and booking windows have changed for restaurants during this time. We will continue to monitor these changes.