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You may look back on your first trip to Disney decades ago and remember how magical it was; how you walked in and were immediately seated at the Brown Derby; how you rode Tower of Terror 10 times in a row with no wait, and how you bumped into Mickey randomly and got a roll full of great photos.

Things. Have. Changed.

It has become increasingly difficult to find and meet all your favorite characters. The days of sitting down at restaurants in the parks without a reservation made weeks in advance are long gone. And if you want to ride the newest rides but aren’t planning on being at the park at “rope drop” (i.e., when it opens), then think again.

But rest assured. You’ve come to the right place.

Disney vacations are now much more difficult to navigate, but with a little planning, some prioritizing, and — as usual — some pixie dust, we can make it happen. As a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations, I am able to book your lodging, your park tickets, your dining plans, and your other amenities and activities. So our first step will be to determine what is most important to your family and plan from there.

Got a family full of thrill seekers who don’t want to miss any of the big rides?

Got young kids who are going to want to catch the Frozen singalong and meet all the characters but who don’t care about riding any of the rides?

Traveling with your partner or with a group of other adults who are more interested in wine flights, cooking classes, firework shows, and the occasional roller coaster?

Want to run the Princess or Tinkerbell or Star Wars Half Marathon and just partake in race weekend activities?

Want to experience a Food and Wine weekend or a seasonal/holiday park party or special event?

Heading to Disney for the first (or twentieth) time and you want to do a little bit of everything?


Believe it or not, I’ve been on all those trips. They can each be perfectly-suited to meet the needs of your family. We’ll start by discussing what sorts of things your party must do, would like to do, and could live without. We’ll prioritize your must-dos and fit in as many of them as possible within the budget, and we’ll discuss how dining and accommodations fit into the plan. Once we’ve determined where you’re staying, which parks you’re going to and when, and what your plan is for dining; I’ll coordinate travel and I’ll help you strategize how to get the most value out of your vacation. Once things are planned and booked, I’ll be with you every step of the way up until – and while you’re on – your trip to make sure that your experience is nothing short of magical. I’m happy to put my expertise to good use. I promise you couldn’t be in better hands.